1.  Bespoke Education in your Own Home

Lesley offers you the chance to take the stress away and design a programme of learning that suits you. From the comfort of your own sofa, in your own home, book your bespoke education programme with Lesley now. Packages starting from $99 for 2 hours. Contact Lesley to register your interest and book your free 1 hour consultation to discuss your tailor made package in more detail. All classes feature Lamaze 6 Healthy Birth Practices as standard. Classes available in labour skills to manage pain, breastfeeding basics, 4th trimester parenting and preparing for an induction of labour.

2.  Labour Confidence with Lamaze 

This FREE online self study course is available online and allows birthing families the chance to pick up knowledge and confidence in preparing for labour and birth. This course is skill based around comfort measures and can be accessed over a period of 12 months.


Check it out at: https://elearn.lamaze.org/courses/free-labor-confidence-with-lamaze?utm_source=Pascuzzi

3.  Online Classes with Lamaze 

Like the idea of learning with flexibility and at your own pace, check out www.lamaze.org/lamaze-classes-online for more information and to purchase a package that suits you and your partner.

Are you prepared for the arrival of your