Why choose Lamaze?

"Knowledgeable parents making informed choices". This is what Lamaze Childbirth education has offered parents for over 60 years across the world. Join the community and learn 6 evidence based Healthy Birth Practices promoting safe and healthy birth for you and your baby. Birth is transformative in the life of a woman and is no less incredible for her partner. You wouldn't run a marathon without the correct footwear or training programme. Birth is no different. Prepare to succeed and start your journey to parenting with me. For more information visit

Your options

Lamaze education is available currently in the comfort of your own home. This means Lesley will come to your sofa and all you need is to get comfy and coorie-in. Bespoke packages start from as little as $199 for 2 hours education and packages can be tailored to meet your own needs. Contact Lesley for up to date prices and book in your free 1 hour consultation to find our more about why the Lamaze 6 Healthy Birth Practices are empowering birthing families across the country. 

If you are short of time or finances are strained, do visit to take advantage of a free web based course offered by Lamaze available to you right now! Great for FIFO families, expectant families living in remote areas and those who have birthed before but would like to know more for their next experience in the birth suite. 

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