Birth of Baby Cash, 2020

 I took a Lamaze class with Lesley to learn more about finding comfort in labour. This time around, gosh it was such an amazing experience. I ended up being induced but it was a quick labour just over 4 hours and the pushing was about 4 min. I felt so calm and collected and in control the whole time I just loved it. 

I used the tens machine, bouncy ball, massaging ball and music. I was able to avoid all pain meds which was in line with my preferences by breathing and just telling myself continuously that the pain was temporary and was helping me make progress. 


Thank you so much for your help in preparing.

Sophie and Kane

Lesley was an amazingly informative and upbeat educator. I walked away from class one already feeling more confident and ready to tackle the birth journey.

Can't wait for next week!

Sally & Luke

Lesley provided thorough detail on what we could expect for labour and the fourth trimester. We feel as though we are far more confident than we were before our Lamaze class and we now have a tool kit of strategies to assist us. Dad to be hasn’t stopped raving about it - he said the few hours with you has been the most beneficial session and informative advice we’ve heard yet, so thank you!

Sezan & Halil

I reached out to Lesley about learning labour pain management in preparation for my second baby. My first was a long & arduous labour, posterior position & I required a lot of medical intervention. Lesley provided me with practical tips & informed conversation by telephone before I completed the labour pain management course online with Lamaze. I found that it was a very useful learning tool which I wish I had known about in my first pregnancy! Thanks to all of the above, I had an arsenal of techniques up my sleeve & I had an incredible experience in labour. It was amazing to feel my body pushing my little boy out into the world. Thank you."


I really enjoyed the lesson. Lesley has such a calm and friendly manner which made the discussion flow and the teaching really beneficial. Even as a second time mom I feel like I gained a lot of tools to help me with labour this time around, and just approach it with a greater understanding of what is going on.

Thank you!