"Knowledgeable parents making informed choices". This is what Lamaze Childbirth education has offered parents for 60 years across the world. Join the community and learn 6 evidence based Healthy Birth Practices promoting safe and healthy birth for you and your baby. Birth is transformative in the life of a woman and is no less incredible for her partner. You wouldn't run a marathon without the correct footwear or training programme. Birth is no different. Prepare to succeed and start your journey to parenting with me.




I'm Lesley, wife & mum of 3 little Aussies. I'm Scottish by birth so Australia is my home from home. I became a Lamaze Childbirth Educator in 2018 after having had my own children. I have a love of people & a deep interest in human behaviour. There is no doubt pregnancy, labour & birth are experiences we need to prepare for.  I once read that fear should not stop us having the birth we want. But the truth is, fear will greatly influence the experience & outcome of childbirth for all concerned. Pregnancy is the best time to invest in evidence based education to build confidence in the body's ability to give birth.